Smart Benches

The SMART Lab benches are flexible and functional in a variety of different ways. The design must be universal to support a variety of science from microbiology to analytical chemistry.

The lab bench designed as a standardized robust mobile table which can be modified with the kit of parts. This allows the lab bench to have different functional settings to address the science being conducted as well as to be easily modified in the future.

Below is the kit of parts to be considered:

  • Electrical, gas and data connections
  • Shelves above bench for storage
  • Heavy duty shelve under work top level
  • Mobile under bench storage
  • Monitor arm & PC sling

Optimizing space requirements
allows greater investment in people and resources

Cost effective

Developing a collaborative culture with open work spaces that enable visibility , communication, and interaction in order to drive innovation.

Smart Sink

Ventilated Equipment Enclosure -VEE Bench

The most common secondary exhaust elements are Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) cabinets. These elements are a crucial piece of containment for the SMART Lab, as they enable users to operate equipment and perform lower risk activities in a safe manner. The ventilated cabinets are exhausted to the main building infrastructure at a constant rate to enable the removal of toxic chemicals and solvents. The operation velocity is much lower than fume hoods which provides significant energy benefits.

Write-up Bench or High Adjastable bench

Every laboratory should have a dedicated space for focus work. This should be a comparable set up to non-lab workstations however be made of lab furniture components. It is vital that the write-up bench is the same basic bench as the preparation and equipment benches. This allows easy change and adaptability.

Equipment bench

Preparation and equipment benches will make up the majority of lab furniture and they are extremely versatile to be used for a wide range of activities and equipment. Accessories & Components Electrical, gas and data – easily accessible at the point of use for prep work or small equipment. Shelving – used to store frequently used consumables. A single shelf is preferred however two can be supplied if required. Shelving should be kept below eye level to promote good visibility across the lab. Under bench storage – used for storing personal effects, consumables, small equipment or glassware. Lab stool (optional) – generally provided for biology wet bench locations

Legless Bench

Lab Bench

The SMART Lab benches is flexible and functional in a variety of different ways.


Some specialist equipment dictate a unique design and utilization of equipment benches such as the HPLC stack bench with waste disposal underneath the worktop. Or such seen here mass spectrometry benches with vacuum pump cabinets, tailored made by BenchTech GmbH.

Fully welded

Here you will find a short brief about our services

Factory Pre-wired & pre-assembled

Easy to configure and reconfigure


Mobile and independent from the one beside

Full flexible & Full Movable

BenchTech ‘s Workstations are delivered to clients finial location pre-wired and pre-assembled. This is a plug and play system which allows to fit into an expected time of installation with no deviations against budget. Installation cost gets reduction to minimum avoiding unexpected labor cost

Modular Kit of Parts

Cost effective

  1. Reduction of foot print 
  2. Reduction investment 
  3. Increase working hours and productivity  
  4. Reduction of major works in the lab. End user can do lots of changes by himself, not even calling the maintenance crew. 
  5. Reduction of CO2 emissions. 
  6. Our eco system is reusable. The system itself is a part of a interchangeable idea


There is always one question, why?

Science continually evolves in order to tackle the increasing pressures from global healthcare and research climates. SMART Lab is the most effective way of creating adaptable spaces which will meet the changing needs of science. This supports researchers goal of delivering more products of value while simplifying the operational model.


The architectural backdrop of the SMART Lab has a clean and modern design with a focus on open space for interaction and collaboration. The look and feel of the furniture within these spaces complement this to provide a cutting edge workplace. Furniture settings for experimentation and focus settings are focus on clean lines and have surfaces with muted tones.
The finishes of SMART Lab furniture also cover important facts such Acoustic performance, Safety and sustainability, Life expectancy and durability, Wear resistance and ease of cleaning

Ergonomic assessments should be incorporated into the design and selection of SMART Lab furniture provisions. This is in accordance with GSK ergonomic standards and based on past experiences of setting up facilities and reference guides (eg Ergonomics Guide – ANSI_HFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations). Adjustable furniture should be provided to promote a healthy working environment and the furniture selection should promote good ergonomic working practices.


Eco-friendly furniture recycled and recyclable. Furniture with a low environmental impact and, for this, it is necessary to think of ecological furniture from its own design.


All of our workstations and sinks has a steel structure. Which makes for a strong and durable product, but also for a more versatile recipient when receiving accessories or switching the materials of some parts. Steel core structure also grants the resistance of the product to fire or other risks.”Only fire load” in terms of resistance, the coating is the limiting factor.


(cabinets and sink cabinets)

Our containers are manufactured in steel, providing high resistance and durability, wood, which makes for a lighter and more flexible furniture (dimensionally speaking) or a mixture of both, for a full functional flexibility.

Worktops and sinks

HPL (High Pressure Laminated): phenolic resins solid core materil, relatively light material (1,35g/cm³ compared to ceramic with 2,24g/cm³), with a good behaviour to chemicals. A very good standard and the most sold material in work surfaces. Extra good behaviour can be achieved depending on the product range, which would be advised depending on the requirements of the lab.(mean toplab plus?)
normally In the biological laboratories often provided with a marine edge, these are high quality worktops with very smooth surface and the best chemical resistance that can be provided. It has a good mechanical property and is very heat resistant.

For extra hygienic demanding surfaces, also adds extra strength to the set. good resistance to solvents and weak acids and alkalis

new in labs environments, can be considered an artificial, way lighter version of the traditional ceramics. Provides chemical and bacteriological resistance silver additive has antibacterial and antiviral effects, but with a lighter weight and better resistance to impact. Low heat resistance

3rd Party Componets

The nature of our product demands that we have to offer several appliances and accessories like gas taps, monitor arms, or electrical appliances that are manufactured by others. With our product is offered a range of these products, but if requested, our workstations and sinks can receive with minor, or even none modifications, these new requested additions.

Why we use certain materials

Our comitmment with Fully sustainable products

Environmental friendly

eco-friendly materials can be part of a sustainable world

Sustainableility as a whole

We focus the furniture and sustainable architecture as a whole.

CO2 free production steel

European and sustainably manufacturing. Proximity to markets is key