Products from our Modular Laboratory Furniture Range

Our lab benches are self-supporting system components configured to function as individual standalone workbenches, and by combining several modular units from our laboratory system, laboratory space of any size can be quickly and easily equipped.

The laboratory benches are delivered ready to plug in and VDE tested. Gas components are pressure-tested and can also be connected by laboratory staff thanks to quick coupling systems. This simplification in media supply allows each table to be newly reconfigured at any time. This reduces new purchases and thus capital expenditure and allows spontaneous reaction to new requirements.

Our modern laboratory furniture is high-quality welded and therefore a durable and hard-wearing companion in the laboratory. Special legs that can be lowered onto heavy-duty casters are configured for particularly high loads of 350 kg. Even fully loaded, the laboratory workstations can be moved and, with an overall depth of 75 cm, fit through any door. Thanks to the vertical media supply, these 75 cm are also fully exploitable.

Our products are suitable for all laboratory applications, from microbiological S2 to chemistry, analytics, and documentation areas. The timeless and discrete design also allows a combination with conventional laboratory furniture systems.

Type WS

Laboratory Workstation, universal

Dimensions: 150x75cm and 90x75cm
Working height: 90cm
Worktops: HPL or stoneware
Power: 2×3 Schuko 230V above the Worktop, 2×1 230V below the Worktop
Load capacity: 350 kg

Type WH

Laboratory workstation, height adjustable

Dimensions: 150x75cm
Working height: adjustable 70-110cm
Worktops: HPL
Power: 2×3 Schuko 230V above the WT
1x 230V below the WT
Load capacity: 200kg

Type BM

Laboratory workstation, without Media supply

Dimensions: 150x75cm, 90x75cm & 75x75cm
Working height: 90cm
Worktops: HPL
Load capacity: 350kg

Type WA

Laboratory workstation, for HPLC

Dimensions: 150x75cm & 75x75cm
Working height 65cm
Worktops: HPL
Power: 2×4 Schuko 230V above the WT
Load capacity: 350kg
Version “+” with hazardous materials cabinet for active storage for flammable liquids

Type SM

Laboratory Sink, mobile

Dimensions: 150x75cm and 90x75cm
Working height 90cm
Worktops: Stoneware with stoneware sink

Type SH

Hygienestation, S2-ready, mobile

Dimensions: 55x65cm
Bowl Height: 95cm
Hygiene area made of copolymer-bonded solid surface material
Paper towel dispenser and touchless elements

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Accessories out of our Lab Furniture System

Special power supply
Substructure cladding 
LED lighting 
Support rods 
Side splash shield 
Rear splash shield
Monitor arm
Keyboard holder…