Flexible Lab Furniture

Our Laboratory Furniture System – at the height of Design

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Adapt your laboratory with our lab furniture to fit new needs quickly and at any time. Our simple connections for media supply on the individual laboratory workstations enable fast adjustments during ongoing laboratory operations. This will put your lab back into operation within few hours of a redesign phase.


Individually design your lab workplace following the modular principle by combining add-on components from a kit-of-parts. Our lab furniture system can be used in multiple ways with diverse and adaptive accessories, such as pre-tested laboratory gas delivery systems, enabling savings in capital expenditure.


With our lab furniture you can adapt your laboratory to the required capacities any time.
The standardization of our laboratory workplaces as products allow simple expansion of your laboratory and quick installation thanks to pre-assembled “plug-and-play” systems.


Our laboratory benches are very stable and yet easy to move. They have special legs with integrated anti-vibration pads and can be easily lowered by users onto heavy-duty casters for easy movement of the table. And when moving to a new building, the furniture almost rolls itself into the new lab 😉
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The vertical media supply by way of the ceiling to each individual lab bench allows you make exchanges during your ongoing lab operations. Our favored dimension of 1500×750 mm ensures that freed space can be equipped at any time with lab benches of the same size or large appliances, such as microbiological safety cabinets, ultra-low freezers, etc.


Thanks to their welded frames, our laboratory benches have a load-bearing capacity of 350 kg and are already equipped per design to accommodate changes and redesigns. This significantly reduces effort in planning and installation. From us you get a sustainable system with regard to raw material consumption as we avoid unnecessary new productions, which in turn reduces overall energy consumption.


Your laboratory staff are both operators and designers. Users can make the changes they require spontaneously and fuss-free. With a few manual steps, components are added, moved, or removed. Thanks to the consistency of the bright and appealing appearance an attractive laboratory environment is created. In short, a user-friendly and modern laboratory system equipped for the requirements of tomorrow.