For today’s demaning labs 

Smart Lab Furniture

Designed as a modular kit of parts where individual components can be added, moved or modified to suit changing needs.

Enlightend Workflow

Natural Light

Daylighting is the controlled entry of natural light into a building. The use of daylighting allows occupants to dim or turn off a building's electric lights to save energy. We are understanding these curcumstances and try to aply that into our planing process.

Room for more

Open spaces

Open plan or open floor plan is defined as any floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms. A term used in architectural and interior design, open plan is a trending approach at designing an interactive workspace with fewer walls.

Changing and challenging lab environment

Full flexibility

All furniture, irrespective of size and height, should be mobile to allow independent movement for delivery, positioning and any future relocation.

Working together

Collaborative spaces

Developing a collaborative culture with open work spaces that enable visibility , communication, and interaction in order to drive innovation.

Minimizing costs

Cost effective

Optimizing space requirements allows greater investment in people and resources